October 2013 – Jesi

Industrial laboratory of gelateria with all the refrigerated machines cooled to water; the cooling water is then brought to disperse the heat on an open tower.

The cooling system is inadequate because in the summer the refrigeration machines do not reach the optimal operating temperatures, they often stop due to limestone occlusion, the cooling tower is infested with algae.

Every year they perform an expensive and harmful acid decalcification.

Test method:

Deactivation of the softener previously installed to treat tower reintegration water.

Installation of an electronic unit for diam.60 on the recirculating water pipe coming from the tower and directed to the refrigerating machines.

Total replacement of cooling water and monitoring of its electrical conductivity.


In November, despite the cold and particularly intense rains, and therefore despite the reduced production of ice cream, in 10 days the conductivity of the water went from 0.6 mS to 2.9 mS: an unequivocal sign of the dissolution of the encrustations of limestone present inside the circuit