April 2013 – Monsano (AN)

Pineta Hotel is located in Monsano, in the province of Ancona. An example of eco-sustainability, a design hotel with advanced solutions, dedicated to beauty and maximum comfort.

The structure has a water softener since its construction (2011) and after only two years presents corrosion problems to the 3 “load-bearing pipes. For consistency with the ecological vocation and for the already evident technical problems, the property takes into consideration the opportunities for electrical impulse technology.

Test method:

Deactivation of the softener and the polyphosphate dosing unit and activation of a single electronic unit diam. 90 in anti-scale function on one of the two wings of the complex containing 40 of the 80 rooms.

Comparison with the wing of the complex left without protection: definitely positive result.

Activation of the second unit in anti-scale function for total protection of the structure.

Activation of two additional units in antibacterial function on the two domestic hot water circuits. Before the installation, the appropriate microbiological analyzes were carried out, subsequently, every month and in the same way, they were repeated three times.


The entire structure is free from limestone problems, with particular emphasis in the shower heads that previously had to be decalcified with a high frequency, the daily cleaning of the mirrors, shower cubicles and sanitaryware is appreciably faster. The third microbiological analysis showed the complete absence of bacterial colonies.