On the outskirts of Verona there is a bakery with six steaming bread ovens.

It is known that the production of steam is a process that originates a lot of limestone so that the water is treated beforehand with a water softener that removes calcium and magnesium ions and exchanges them with sodium ions.

Despite this process, the owner complained of limescale problems and at the same time the severity of maintenance since, obviously, the water softener must be continuously fed with salt and periodically undergoing maintenance, so it was immediately interested in the AQUARING technology.

After an inspection, we decided to assemble, for four months, an AQUARING SP 35 appliance, on the cold water pipe that supplies the six ovens.

During the observation period everything worked according to expectations, no hitch and no intervention for which the device was purchased at the end and remained in its place.


The owner’s satisfaction was such that he wanted to transfer the experience he had just made with the ovens in the ice-making machine he had in a bar.

This equipment was incrusted in continuous limescale, obliging it to continuous maintenance by the after-sales service of the manufacturer, obviously costly interventions.

We have therefore suggested installing an AQUARING VM, a specific model for this type of application in small systems such as coffee machines, vending machines and, indeed, ice producers.

After six months everything proceeded normally but not only: the ice produced has a crystalline transparency and makes it more appealing to the consumer.

Photo of the back of the ice machine with the AQUARING VM model