In the spring, we were called by a big print shop because of a particular problem: to get a good print on special paper, they need an environment with a controlled humidity level and to do this they have a water mist system.

The water coming from the aqueduct is conveyed into a collecting tank and taken from here for the nebulization, but in the tank are formed algae and mucilage that make precarious and at the same time dangerous the nebulisation: precarious for the nozzles very thin, dangerous because substances that are breathed by personnel who stop in the environment.

Having noted the development of the plant, the owner was asked to install a water recirculation system, ie the water is taken from one end of the tank and returned to the same at the other end, which is out of normal use; on the recirculation pipe an AQUARING appliance has been installed that breaks down the algae with greater speed of their growth in the tank and after a short time the water has been freed from the problem.