Our technology causes osmosis by killing bacteria and algae. Dimension the unit to be installed according to your needs and measure the benefits after a few minutes. Eliminates the use of expensive chemicals and technologies.


When we want to optimize the filtering, we suggest the AQUARING SP series: it aggregates the impurities present in the water with each other and creates flocs that can be easily captured by the filters. Reduces up to 70% the number of counter-washings; reduces counter-wash time by up to 80%; reduces water consumption; reduces or cancels the use of chemical flocculants. In its action, Aquaring SP decomposes the chloramines freeing chlorine and therefore reduces its consumption. Just “pool smell”, just burning the eyes, just smell of chlorine, use AQUARING SP. For pools, fountains, ponds.


AQUARING CA and AQUARING VCA are the series of models more powerful and more suitable in cases where you want to drastically reduce or eliminate bacteria. You can act on algae and bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococci, Clortridium, Legionella, and the result is immediate. Eliminate the bio-film. We can treat: – sanitary water systems to contain the legionella bacteria; – fish farms, cattle, rabbits and poultry in general, to improve water quality, production and contain the use of antibiotics; – food industry to keep the environment free of bacteria. The installation of the PROFESSIONAL depends on the purpose you want to achieve; it is easy, non-invasive, the location of the appliance is recommended and followed by our technician. We are available to study the solution of particular problems.

 In the laboratory the test has given remarkable results but it is good that in the field the installations are not idyllic and that each plant is different from another: these are facts that it is possible to study a solution starting from appliances of certain effectiveness ”

Test results CA H 25