Q. What does it do?

  • A. Is a technology that uses electrical impulses induced in the water through a ferrite collar to prevent limescale formation and eliminate pathogenic bacteria.

Q. Does it clean the pipes from the old limestone?

  • A. Dissolves incrustations consisting of carbonates but not silicates; the elimination from previous limestone   is a side effect and the action is not immediate but lasts a few months.

Q. How much water do you get? Do you need to calculate the number of people or the size of the apartment?

  • A. The dimensioning of the appliance does not depend on the quantity of water and / or people, we must look at the diameter of the pipe on which to install it.

Q.  Where do you install it?

  • A. To decide where to install you must think that the most dangerous point for limestone is where the water  heats up, then on the cold water pipe that feeds the boiler, immediately below it.

Q. But if I want to treat all the system of the house,  can I put it at the entrance, near the counter?

  • A. This appliance works even if the water is still and emits impulses that the water, good conductor, carries throughout the house, both in the direction of flow and in the opposite direction, placing it near the boiler is still the whole hydraulic system of the home, hot water and cold water and intervene on the most exposed to limestone.

Q. Should I call a plumber and an electrician?

  • A.The installation is simple, watch the movie on the website, anyone can do it for themselves; for  the electrician you decide, just have a plug at max 120 cm from the assembly point.

Q. Is it dangerous for any electronic boards and / or for people ?

  • A. In no way, these are very low voltages at a very high frequency; every model is supplied with an Electromagnetic Compatibility certificate.

Q. Can water damage the appliance ?

  • A. Yes, water can severely damage electronic boards, so it is preferable to install the unit body in places where there can not be water leaks. The ferrites have no problem if they get wet.

Q.The blue light does not have a beautiful light, what happened?

  • A. If the brightness of the blue light has changed, it means that the appliance is not working properly; this may have been caused by a modification of the system following the installation of the device that created a signal short circuit or that the ferrite, for some reason, does not transfer it well: check that the ferrite closes well and eventually closes it with a band. If the problem remains, contact the seller for a check.

Q. I use spring water that I would like to treat both for limescale and for bacteria, where do I place the appliance?

  • A.The bactericidal action is spread over the entire hydraulic line but is 100% effective at the point where the appliance is installed; for this reason it is strongly recommended to mount AQUARING at the entrance of the water pipe in the apartment or just out of the well, with this you get the maximum yield in bactericidal function and a partial intervention on limestone. If necessary, a second appliance will be installed near the boiler.

Q.How long does this device last?

  • A.This device was born about five years and so we can not say anything more, but we can say that it has no internal organs that wear out, so that, in theory, it lasts forever, certainly more than ten years.

Q. How frequent maintenance is and how much it costs?

  • A.No maintenance is scheduled.

Q. Do IT consume a lot?

  • A. Consume E.E., about three or four euros a year, the equivalent consumption of a LED; Professional appliances can reach a consumption of thirty euros a year.

QWhere can I buy the appliance?

  • A. Directly from CCW s.r.l. by sending an email to: ccwsrl2015@gmail.com by this site shop section.

Q. How much does a home appliance cost?

  • A. It depends on the model, in any case a fraction of a normal traditional anti-scale system. In any case, even in comparison with other new technologies, the important thing is the comparison with the power supplied: our appliance is up to three and a half times more powerful than similar devices on the market.