In a private house in Muzzana del Turgnano (province of Udine) the owner had installed a boiler for heating, a boiler with storage for sanitary use; for some time it had found a slow but progressive decrease of the flow probably due to the formation of limestone being the water of the network very ” hard ”.

At this point the plumber decided to make a check of the copper pipe of the hot water line coming out of the boiler and found that it was very encrusted with hard limestone.

The possible solution at that point was to do a chemical wash or replace the pipe but the owner opted for the tube replacement and the installation of our AQUARING H 25 appliance on the cold water pipe coming into the boiler with reservation of take a check after a few months to realize what had happened in the meantime.

After nine months from the installation, no change in the hot water flow was noticed, but the plumber wanted to reassure the customer by checking what happened during the period: he removed the pipe being replaced and verified that it was completely clean, ie no limestone was formed, demonstrating without a doubt the effectiveness of the prevention action.