In a condominium of 16 apartments, the limestone problem is particularly felt: condominiums complain about the presence of limestone in spite of the presence of a softener which, moreover, does not seem to work properly.

The administrator then decides to submit to the assembly of condominiums, our technology and invites us to participate in the first condominium assembly to better explain the AQUARING technology.

The assembly is, as always, rather lively, on the one hand the supporters of the softener, on the other the supporters of alternative solutions, in the end, the latter, strong of discontent due to the experience with the water softener, strong lower management costs for both consumables and maintenance (which are not provided) and with a lower investment cost, decide to install an AQUARING L 63 appliance to prevent limescale.

PHOTO of the AQUARING model

After several months the choice is confirmed as the most valid