What’s is it?

It’s a phisical water conditioner that can be installed on any type of water supply pipe and works with an absolutely innovative technology: electrical pulses at high frequency induced in the water.

The action is extended from the point where the unit is installed in the hydraulic circuit both in the sense of the flow of water and in the opposite direction, regardless of the extent and/or of the water flow, even if no water is flowing.

This, in addiction to the power of the signal, causes the benefit of this device is thousands of times greater that any other magnetic or electromagnetic system.

The technology was born in the United States over 20 years ago; after a period of experimentation, it was adopted by British Gas which installs it since a long time in the heating boilers which provides on free loan to its gas customers.

Remarkable is the success in the world, today in the domestic Sector over two million units have been sold and thousands in industry.

The device is small, modulated depending on the use and characteristics of the pipes on which it is installed, it is not invasive.

Therefore it can be installed on new systems but also existing ones without any intevention of specialized personnel.

It needs no maintenance: you install it and you forget it.

The consumption of electrical energy is negligible.

What does it do?

  • it prevents the formation of Limestone
  • it removes existing scale
  • it fights bacteria
  • it prevents the formation of algae
  • it combats legionella
  • it promotes the flocculation of the impurities in the water
  • it reduces or cancels the use of chemicals
  • it stops the corrosion
  • it increases the life of the plant
  • it saves energy
  • it respects the environment
  • it works on the entire plant
  • it needs no maintenance

The characteristic of the water conditioner is to create, on the water distribution line where it is installed, electrical pulses at high frequency (between 100 and 200 KHZ), at irregular intervals, which condition the ions of Calcium and Magnesium causing the association in crystals. These crystals do not deposit formins encrustations but flow with the water flow.

In case of collecting tanks, you may find small deposits of limescale but there will never be encrustations but soft materials that can be easily eliminated with backwashing or by a simple brushed.

In our applications we tested the effectiveness with all kinds of bacteria with whom we came in contact, also with the Legionella bacterium and the Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The bacterium, loaded by electrical impulse, attracts molecules of pure water; this water, driven by osmotic pressure, penetrates the membrane and blows up the bacterium.