We have been contacted by an operator in the dental sector to analyze a situation of legionella beyond legal limits in a dental practice.

The dental practice under consideration is managed in a very careful way from the point of view of environmental health and in this perspective, although there are no legal requirements, periodically monitors the quality of the water.

Following a routine check, quantities of legionella and pseudomonas bacteria were found to exceed legal limits because the study manager had instructed his supplier to look for the most environmentally friendly system to quickly resolve the potential danger situation. .

With this goal we approached to do a test and installed two AQUARING H 25 appliances: one on the water supply of an ‘armchair’ and one on the feeding pipe of a sink.

AQUARING photo installed in the armchair

After a few days from the installation, two samples of treated water were taken and the result was that the presence of bacteria was no longer detected.